Introduction to GOLD®: Exploring MyTeachingStrategies™

During this training, participants will learn about GOLD as an assessment tool, it's purposes and the Assessment process. The following learning objectives will also be covered:

Describe the role of curriculum and assessment in informing instruction.
• Explain how the four steps of the assessment process link curriculum and
assessment to support children’s development and learning.
• Explain how to use the objectives for development and learning to focus
observations and respond with appropriate support for individual and group
• Demonstrate an understanding of how to use the features of
MyTeachingStrategies™, including entering documentation and observation
notes, individualizing instruction, creating and submitting weekly plans, and
completing checkpoints.
• Summarize the purposes of key reports and explain how to use them for
planning and communicating with others.

Date: July 12, 2019

Time: 9 am- 4 pm


United Way Center for Excellence

2nd floor- Training Room

3250 Southwest Third Avenue

Miami, FL 33129